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Barbara Zucker
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Since the age of 13, when her grandmother gave her a birthday present of wire, sheet copper, pliers, and metal shears, Barbara Zucker-Pinchoff has been making jewelry. Encouraged by that wise grandmother, Barbara's early interest quickly turned into a life-long passion. Once she began, she became addicted to experimenting with the design and execution of personal adornments.

Barbara's "other" career as a physician was cut short in 1997. She developed a life-threatening allergy to latex, and as an anesthesiologist, could no longer practice. It was a wrenching turn of events, but she decided to take the challenge, and change careers, returning to her love of creating jewelry.

The Magknit necklace evolved over several years. Taught to knit as a child, by her mother, Barbara was intrigued by various artists' efforts to create jewelry from fiber. While she admired them, she found most of them lacked a strong design sense, and enough weight and style to bridge the divide between scarf and jewelry. The original Barbara Zucker Knitted Necklaces evolved over 2 years in the studio, and were made of sterling silver or vermeil (gold over sterling silver). When they appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting International, the response was inspiring. It came from knitters, and knitting stores, all praising the design, and asking where they could order the kit. The kit?? So Barbara spent the next 6 months creating the Magknit Kit. A much less expensive version of the Knit Necklace, the Magknit Kit contains the Magknit clasp (now in plated metal, with the magnet in the center), and a detailed, full color instruction book. The response from knitters has been fantastic!